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winter travel

I would be lying if I said that I liked to travel. Not that lying is a bad thing . . . but you just have to come clean on certain things. Like being polite to your best friend's dad. Who completely weirds me out on a thousand different levels.

So, in the interest of honesty: I hate the airport. I hate tight seats, baggage claim, hauling luggage, sleeping in hotel beds, and being lost at 3 am with no money for a taxi.

I like the mystery of travel, sure. Pretending Im a Cheese Maker from Wisconsin, or a Jones Girl with a bad British accent, or maybe Roxy from Miami, wearing bright lipstick & a tight tank.

My sister considers this a sign of mental instability. Says I have issues. I think shes just irritated because "Roxy" lost her room key.

xoxo, jane

Posted by Chloe & Jane at 9:30am